Virtual World Cafés Format

We understand that lengthy remote sessions can be taxing, that is why we are designing our Virtual World Cafés (VWC) to be engaging for everyone. It is our goal to create a dynamic environment where each person can contribute to the discussion with ease and simplicity. Each VWC is being developed to address important questions in a format that is cohesive, constructive and creative.

There are three main technological features being implemented for these Virtual World Cafés:

  1. ZOOM Meetings: Each VWC will be held remotely with a team of facilitators and it will be recorded. The Virtual World Cafés will include whole group discussions and small breakout sessions led by a PI facilitator. These smaller groups are generally better suited for a higher-level of engagement between participants.
  2. MURAL: During the Virtual World Cafés, both facilitators and VWC participants will use this application during the small group breakout sessions. It is a collaborative online tool that provides a visual interface to a virtual environment. Even if you have never used MURAL, we will provide you with the basic tools you’ll need in advance with a template that is easy to configure. Plus, our project members will be well-versed in this application to assist you. Even after the Virtual World Cafés has ended, you will also be able to contribute to the Mural in case you forgot to add something. All the groups will share one Mural, enabling us to focus on the feedback individually and within the broader context.
  3. SURVEYS: Our assessment team will email surveys to participants following our Virtual World Cafés. We intend to create surveys to concisely focus on the project objectives and get your feedback on the overall format. These surveys serve a crucial component for the project outcomes.

If you would like to be part of one of the Spring 2021 Virtual World Cafes, please sign-up here to complete an Expression of Interest form.

TIMELINE FOR PARTICIPANTS: About a week prior to the scheduled Virtual World Café, details will be emailed to you including information on accessing the Virtual World Café, an agenda and pre-Virtual World Café materials to help you prepare for an informed discussion. We will also upload the agenda and materials to the website once they become available.

Please contact our Virtual World Cafés Coordinator, Grace Wisser with any questions.